Robert Halt

Robert Halt
AOS, MBLX LMT, Massage
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Bob was a talented athlete, who grew up in the small northern Pennsylvania town of Sharon. Bob enjoyed playing all types of sports but his passion was football. He went to work at the local steel mill after high school to help support his family.

God had a different purpose for Bob’s life other than the steel mill. After 15 years of hard labor in the steel industry, Bob left his childhood town and moved to Gulf Shores, AL. He lived and worked there for 3 years before moving to Fredericksburg, VA to be with his girlfriend, and now wife, Amara in 2008.

Fredericksburg is where Bob began thinking about becoming a skilled massage therapist. Bob attended Heritage Institute College in Manassas, VA where he earned an Associate Degree in Occupational Studies (AOS) in Therapeutic Massage. He began his internship in 2009 in a chiropractor’s office and was hired after completing the internship. While working with the chiropractor, Bob utilized his education and experience to provide the chiropractic practice with skilled physical therapy techniques for numerous clients. His main area of expertise was utilizing soft tissue tools and therapeutic and medical massage techniques to ensure patient well-being and relief.

Bob continued his massage skills and techniques after he left to become a private consultant and now works at Green Fitness and Wellness. He has helped many clients who have suffered from frozen shoulders, knee replacements, back and neck pains, all types of ailments during this time. His mission is to promote health and wellness, help relieve pain after surgeries and help provide alternatives to prevent surgeries when that is an option.

Bob lives in South Stafford with his wife Amara and his two dogs (Nanook and Zeus). He enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, exercising, and relaxing after work.